Utilizing Technology to Up the Ante on Quality Control

Is quality control really that big a deal to manufacturing companies? In short, yes! Taking time to make sure that your quality is under control, is quite the worthwhile endeavor if you plan on smooth operations, satisfied customers and favorable profit margins. There are typically three areas that require consistent quality monitoring, if you want your company to be successful:
1. Quality Management means -
Keeping your workers well-trained, well-informed and well facilitated.

2. Quality Improvement means -
Keeping track of the functionality of your business procedures, and making sure you’re abreast of industry standards, developments and advances.

3. Quality Control means -
Keeping on track with the highest standards that your products/services must meet, to sustain their quality and value to your customers.

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Mobile Device Management: Why Small Devices Can be a Big Threat

Navigating the risks and benefits of implementing your BYOD policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) used to be limited to company executives asking to have their smart phone plug connected the company network; today BYOD is a revolution driven by employees who live on their mobile devices and want the flexibility to work that way as well. With or without a governing policy personal mobile devices are already functioning within your network and walking in and out of your front door with corporate data. How you manage these users and devices will have an immeditae impact on your security and ability to fend of potential litigation.

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