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10 Ways Managed IT Solutions Can Boost Your Sales Revenue.
10 Ways Managed IT Solutions Can Boost Your Sales Revenue.

We can endlessly discuss your various organizational facets. Your moving parts are plentiful, and your many components are multi-dimensional.  

Yet, your success hinges upon one specific thing: Are you selling enough products or services to turn a significant profit?

It’s simple. Businesses that don’t profit won’t stand the test of time. 

Managed IT solutions can be vital in building a revenue-boosting foundation for businesses like yours. Below are 10 ways these services can vastly bolster your profit margins via increased sales.

1. Managed IT Solutions Allow Businesses To Prioritize Sales.

As we said in the introduction, your business has many moving parts. Specifically, your organization has core competencies it relies upon to enhance your processes, products, and services to drive sales.

When one of those moving parts is your IT infrastructure, it often distracts your company from what it does best. You pour time and resources into systems and networks with complexities beyond your grasp.

Therefore, your eyes get taken off the prize, and you focus less on the nuances that drive sales and more on trying to understand your tech infrastructure.

With managed IT solutions, you have a reliable team of experts fine-tuning and optimizing your tech infrastructure (computer systems, local-area-network, wide-area-network, etc.). This way, you can focus on what you do best, which will boost sales revenues.

2. Managed IT Solutions Keep Your Networks Up And Running.

On average, IT outages cost surveyed smaller North American and European businesses $55,000 in revenue. Mid-sized organizations lost $91,000, while larger companies lost $1 million due to tech-related downtimes. 

Managed IT solutions offer 24/7 monitoring that flags issues before they arise, preventing outages and, thus, indirectly driving sales.

3. Managed IT Solutions Optimize Your Productivity.

Managed IT Solutions providers are invested in your company’s success. They don’t sit by idly and wait for problems to arise. Instead, they’re always looking for ways to enhance your IT infrastructure’s functionality to ensure the smoothest possible operations that boost sales productivity. 

4. Protecting Your Business From Hackers.

4. Protecting Your Business From Hackers.

Research indicates around 20% of consumers won’t shop with a retailer if they’ve fallen victim to hackers.

Your customers need to trust that their data (e.g., credit card information and purchase history) is protected in your hands. A cybersecurity breach communicates to consumers that you can’t protect their information. Many will run to the hills when your company falls victim to hackers.

Managed IT Solutions providers offer premium round-the-clock cybersecurity that keeps your company tech systems safe from hackers and its reputation intact. This will build consumer trust, prevent revenue losses, and drive revenues over the long haul.

5. Keeping Your Company Safe From Viruses.

Computer viruses are significant sources of downtime. At the very least, networks overrun with viruses operate far less efficiently than those with a clean bill of health. 

As we’ve established, hampered productivity means decreased sales revenues. 

Managed IT Solutions providers perform continual software updates and patchwork to proactively protect your organization from viruses and their resulting downtime. 

6. Helping You Get The Most Out Of Your Tech.

Top-tier managed IT solutions companies aim to make your business self-sufficient with tech. At Portola, we aim to enhance your team’s tech and cybersecurity literacy, proficiency, and knowledge so you can use it to your advantage.

By cultivating this culture, you’ll have a clearer vision of how to best leverage your IT infrastructure to boost sales revenue.

7. Reducing Unnecessary Spending

We’ve discussed the importance of allocating your efforts and focus toward your core competencies. The same notion applies to your company’s spending and budget. Studies indicate that cost reduction and ROI were catalysts in 30% of surveyed companies working with managed IT solutions providers.

When you work with a managed service provider, you don’t have to pay full-time salaries to an IT team. Nor do you have to deal with the unpredictability of paying as you go.

Instead, you can budget your IT spending on a fixed monthly fee, allowing you to strategize more effectively. From there, you can invest more money into your sales and marketing to increase performance. 

8. Enhancing Customer Service

Technical issues hamper your customer service as much as it hurts your productivity. 

Slow internet connectivity, cyber-attacks, and extended downtime all cause frustration for customers. In turn, they’ll shop with your competitor. 

Managed IT solutions providers ensure these issues don’t arise, enabling your company to provide exceptional customer service to cultivate a loyal client base.

9. Increasing Scalability

Managed IT providers offer features like cloud capabilities that provide seamless scalability. Your business will have the agility to cast a wider net for its target market, reaching more customers than ever and driving sales without astronomical upfront costs. 

10. Diversifying Your Offerings

Since you’ll have seamlessly running tech with managed IT solutions, you can take more calculated risks and diversify your product and service lines. When you’re bogged down with DIYing your tech infrastructure management, getting the necessary space to gain the perspective to make such moves is nigh impossible.

Managed IT solutions give you the much-needed breathing room to pivot in new and exciting directions that help your business enter different niches to boost sales. 

Interested In Working With A Managed IT Solutions Provider? Only The Best Will Do.

Interested In Working With A Managed IT Solutions Provider? Only The Best Will Do.

Portola Systems offers unparalleled managed IT solutions to businesses like yours. We give our clients peace of mind and reliable services that catalyze their lasting success. 

Partnering with us means working with a team invested in your company’s long-term growth and committed to taking your sales revenue to new and soaring heights. 

Based on your implemented culture and systems, we’ll ensure your tech infrastructure will fit your business like a glove.

Contact Portola Systems today to discuss our managed IT solutions. We look forward to building a thriving relationship with you.