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For genuine tech industry expertise and top-tier skillsets, complemented by the support of widely recognized purchasing contracts, Portola Systems is your go-to partner.

Streamline your workload and enhance efficiency by delegating complex technical tasks to our capable team. Whether you need assistance at every step or want a seamless start-to-finish project execution, we are committed to delivering results with efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Reach out to Portola Systems today and experience the difference of working smarter, not harder.

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Physical Security

Empowering Modern Businesses with Robust Security Solutions. By prioritizing physical security, we transform vulnerabilities into safeguards, fostering a safer environment for all.

Email Security

Out of nearly 10 million users tested for email comprehension, nearly one-third (3 million) failed the exploit test, indicating a lack of training in recognizing email attacks within their business email inbox.


Network and cloud security, along with engineering and architecture, are fundamental pillars of our organization. Without robust security protocols, proper implementations, and adherence to best practices, your organization remains vulnerable, and your infrastructure becomes a liability.

Devices, Printing & AV

In addition to our expertise in back-end infrastructure, we bring decades of experience in front-end devices, printing, classroom design, and comprehensive deployment packages. Our offerings even extend to specialized services like Green Glove Services for Chromebooks and various other devices.

Cloud, Servers & Storage

In the face of growing data demands, Portola Systems efficiently scopes and addresses your current and future storage and performance needs. We prioritize cost-effectiveness while ensuring robust data backup and protection to safeguard what matters most.

Disaster Recovery & Continuity

Companies often speak about disaster recovery, but how do they truly respond when adversity strikes? Action speaks louder than words, and at Portola Systems, we believe in implementing robust strategies to ensure seamless recovery and business continuity in the face of unexpected challenges.

Enabling WiFi 6 & Communications

High-speed internet and cutting-edge technologies, reliability and performance are paramount. Let Portola Systems guide you to your destination with dependable connectivity and solid performance.

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Portola Systems goes beyond mere solutions. Our offerings extend to comprehensive services, encompassing IT consulting, 24/7 managed services, and beyond.

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