Printing, Front End Devices & AV

Beyond the back-end infrastructure, we have decades of experience with front-end devices, printing, classroom design, and complete deployment packages that include Green Glove Services for Chromebooks and most other devices.

Actual Green Glove deployments:

Deployment Services

Below are just a few of the deployment services we can provide you:

Google Licenses & Enrolling Chromebooks in Google console
  • Assign units to OU within Google console and populate customer fields per device within Google console
  • Licenses & Enrolling Chromebooks
Green Delivery
  • Removal of all excess packaging. All equipment is strategically palletized for more efficient shipping, allowing for less waste and much easier deployment once delivered.
Asset Tagging
On all equipment and peripherals if preferred!
Laser Etching
  • Custom logos, Lettering, Barcodes, and more!
Asset Report Excel Sheet
  • Asset tag numbers
  • Serial numbers
  • Part numbers
  • OU assignments
  • MAC Addresses
Cart setup & deployment

Do you suffer from Printer headaches? We can help!

Partnering with HP Inc., Portola Systems can completely take over your printer environment with an average YOY savings of 30%; this includes both HP and Non-HP products. We inventory, asset tag, clean, and support almost all of the printers on your network. We also offer the most secure printing options in the world regularly at the lowest cost available.

You will be provided up front with your printing soft cost, hard cost, usage report, analytics, and savings report.

You do not have to think about your printer environment anymore; there are no more wasted hours dealing with printing issues. When an issue happens, a technician can be automatically dispatched to the exact location and problematic printer; they come prepared with the necessary equipment to fix the problem and clean the printer before departure. Additionally, your entire printer fleet can service biannually or annually to get the longest life out of your printer fleet.

What sets Portola apart from the crowd? You can buy equipment from anywhere.

Why not utilize our expertise to help with your vision and support your classroom technology, all while utilizing the most popular purchasing contracts available?

We are experts designing classrooms of the future. From cabling, electrical, and AV to the overall experience, our interactive, mobile learning classroom designs help with improved test scores, collaboration, building social skills, and better classroom attendance. From simple mirror cast and touch displays to 3D printing and virtual reality, we can help your School District or University give your students the best learning opportunities available.

Portola Systems is one of the few TRUE IT Consulting firms that offers an all-encompassing, holistic approach to technology and to you and your organization’s specialized needs.

Go confidently with The Portola Advantage

We’re behind you all the way!