Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

Portola Systems bases our core principles on the 20 CIS controls we practice and implement weekly. We also utilize our real-life experience and proven technologies in the field.

During the unfortunate 2017 Sonoma County Wildfires, we were responsible for maintaining all of the infrastructure at the City of Healdsburg. When the city–including the Police Department–lost all communications, we were onsite first with some of the best Engineers in the industry and were able to get them back up and running immediately.

Portola Systems also proactively set up several Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) for neighboring cities that were in harm’s way. We helped local charities / businesses by donating computer equipment and getting those systems connected and up-and-running for use. We have also helped restore the data of other customers who completely lost entire data centers to the fires as well.

When we talk disaster recovery we mean it. Unfortunately, several of our customers have experienced disasters, but their data was saved and quickly restored thanks to our business continuity and disaster recovery plans Portola Systems designed and implemented.

Data protection means more than just backing up.

Achieving a stable disaster recovery plan and creating a continuously available network means adding redundancy in the right places, backing up systems the right way, and maintaining validation that you can restore your systems and data quickly and effectively.

Offering Systems and Solutions for:

Virtual Machine Backup

Point-in-time objectives compliance

Cloud Backup Systems

Disaster Recovery Evaluations

High-availability storage and servers

Application backups

Hybrid Cloud and On-premise Backups

Outsourced Backup Administration and Monitoring

Recovery Time Objectives compliance

Disk Backup Systems

Small business backup systems

Database backups

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