Cloud, Servers & Storage

With ever-growing demands for data, data storage, and performance, we can help you scope out your needs for now and in the future. Portola does this in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, all while backing up your data and protecting what matters most.

What is the point in having large amounts of data if it is not secured and accessible when needed? We support almost all of the major hardware and software manufactures with hundreds of successful server and storage deployments. Our team of experts and close manufacture relationships ensure that you are getting the best systems built for the future and at the most affordable cost.

Deliver data to employees and customers (inside and outside the office), spark productivity by providing access to centrally-located resources and applications, and securely safeguard critical business information from loss and theft.

Reduce your dependency on physical systems!
Leverage our expert cloud guidance services and find out what benefits your business can gain from cloud solutions:
Lower Capital Expenditure Costs
No hardware to buy!
Expand When You Need To
Scalable on-demand resources.
Stay Up-to-Date
No more costly upgrades.
Collaborate in Real-time
Secure access to data and resources remotely.
Seamlessly Integrate Systems
No more legacy system incompatibilities.
Keep Systems Up and Available
Achieve affordable 99% system uptime!

Specializing in architecture, delivery, implementation, and optimization of:

Cloud Servers

Blade Servers

Servers for Small Business

Clustered Storage

Virtualized Servers

Cloud Storage

Application Servers

Tiered Storage

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