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Case Study: Community Foundation of Sonoma County Cloud Migration Odyssey
Community Foundation of Sonoma County

Community Foundation of Sonoma County (CFSC)

Migration from on-premise equipment to the Cloud.

Community Foundation of Sonoma County found itself entangled in the web of outdated hardware and escalating licensing expenses, prompting a quest for a more streamlined, scalable, and cost-efficient solution.

Harnessing the benefits of The Portola Advantage through our MSP Services, CFSC was able to bid farewell to the nuanced complexities of on-premise infrastructure and elevate efficiency by implementing a robust cybersecurity strategy powered by cloud services.

Pre-Transformation Dilemmas:
CFSC grappled with a traditional on-premise IT structure that demanded considerable financial investment in hardware upgrades and licensing. Their business infrastructure growth was stunted due to the limitations of the on-premise setup, which impeded on their organization’s adaptability to evolve in today’s advancing business and security dynamics.

Portola Systems, Senior Engineer, Rich Coibion, assessed CFSC’s legacy infrastructure woes, scalability issues, security systems and outlined a strategy that would address and ensure a properly layered cyber security strategy.

Recommendations & Implementation:
Products: Microsoft 365 Integration: Exchange Online, Azure AD & Intune Endpoint Manager, Datto Workplace and Portnox Cloud RADIUS

Embarking on a transformative journey, CFSC embraced the power of Microsoft 365, propelling their operations into a realm of unparalleled efficiency and security. The transition from on-premise mail servers to Exchange Online ushered in a new era of seamless communication, freeing them from the constraints of traditional email systems. With the implementation of Azure Active Directory, CFSC fortified its foundations, enabling not just user Identity Management but also fostering enhanced access controls. The integration of Intune Endpoint Manager elevated device management to new heights, ensuring stringent security compliance and streamlined administration.

To provide CFSC with a technologically advanced and securely orchestrated ecosystem, Portola Systems integrated the protective capabilities of Datto Workplace.

Datto Workplaces’ strategic and functioning focus safeguards and ensures secure file collaboration, providing backup confidence, and assuring recovery solutions. Removing geographical constraints, granting effortless access, and sharing capabilities from any location streamlines workflows. This also empowers teams to work cohesively in a secure virtual environment but most importantly provides data resilience and business continuity.

While Datto Workplace excels in providing robust protection for file collaboration and data backup, achieving a comprehensive defense against a myriad of threats often requires a multi-layered approach.

This is where Portnox Cloud RADIUS steps in as a strategic cybersecurity ally. The platform contributes significantly to Network Fortification, enhancing overall security by ensuring secure and controlled access to CFSC’s organizational resources. Portnox Cloud RADIUS goes beyond conventional measures by introducing Authentication Excellence through the implementation of Multi-Factor Authentication. This innovative feature adds an extra layer of security and substantially reduces the risk of unauthorized access.

Post-Migration Success:
Community Foundation of Sonoma County cloud migration, and the incorporation of Microsoft 365, Datto Workplace, and Portnox Cloud RADIUS, surpassed mere technological upgrades. Together, these solutions not only marked a technological shift but became catalysts for a future where collaboration is seamless, identities are secure, data is resilient, and devices are managed with precision.

This project marked a strategic shift that not only mitigated immediate challenges but positioned CFSC for a technologically adeptness, scalability, and a secure digital future that accommodates future growth to evolving business and cyber technology advancements.

Some would argue that “Systems Administration just isn’t that sexy, and nobody cares about it anymore.” -Rich Coibion 😂

We would counter that thought with, when done correctly it can get all the glory for a well laid Cyber Security Strategy that liberates business from potential threats, paving the way for innovation, uninterrupted operations, and the confidence to navigate the digital landscape securely.

Here’s to navigating the IT landscape with finesse and leaving legacy complexities behind.