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Case Study: HP Wireless Implementation


Pro Services/Smart hands for implementing wireless projects across multiple sites.

Following Hewlett-Packard’s acquisition of Polycom, Portola Systems was selected to redesign the Polycom Data Center, aligning it with the latest and future technology requirements of Hewlett-Packard.

HP faced the challenge of implementing complex wireless projects across various sites in California and Washington. The solution involved a collaborative effort with global teams, including engineers from India and Senior HP engineers.

Project Preparation:
Effective communication and pivotal coordination were crucial in aligning with diverse teams across multiple time zones. To ensure the exceeding of expectations and a seamless project rollout; a thorough review of each network design was conducted. This foundational step involved the following:

Scope Definition, Document Analysis, Architecture Assessment, Topology Examination, Traffic Analysis, Security Review, Scalability Evaluation, Performance Testing, Redundancy and Failover Testing, Compliance Verification, Documentation Update, Risk Identification, Collaborative Feedback, Coordination with Stakeholders, Recommendations and Enhancements, Preparation for Implementation, and over 60 switches on one site underwent initial configuration.

This comprehensive review process aimed to thoroughly assess the existing network designs, identify strengths and weaknesses, and lay the groundwork for a successful implementation of the wireless projects across multiple sites.

Hardware and Software Implementation:
For this launch, we leveraged Aruba Switches and Access Points (APs) were selected for the exceptional performance and reliability and to bring about a robust wireless infrastructure.

As part of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Aruba’s solutions seamlessly integrated with HP’s existing infrastructure, ensuring compatibility, and streamlined management. Choosing Aruba hardware was driven by the advantage of testing quality within their production environment ecosystem, ensuring reliability, and tailoring solutions to meet HP’s specific needs.

The collaborative efforts across global teams, the strategic use of Aruba Switches and APs, and the advantage of deploying HP’s own hardware resulted in the successful implementation of wireless projects across multiple sites.

Project Wrap-up:
This opportunity showcased Portola’s engineers’ technical expertise and capabilities. Emphasizing their strategic insight, reliability, adeptness in handling intricate and large-scale projects and seamless integration with major players in the IT industry.

The trust imparted to Portola, highlights our reputation for delivering results, maintaining high standards, and offering innovative solutions. Being chosen to assist a tech industry giant, such as Hewlett-Packard, underscores the exceptional value Portola Systems, Inc brings to the IT consulting sector.

Wireless Implementation Success 🌐🔧✨