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Case Study: Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District Physical Security Access Control Project
Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District

Mountain View Los Altos Union High School District

Case Study:
Access Control Project to address Physical Security

MVLA’s district wide physical security implementation with Verkada’s Access Control was a triumphant success. Our meticulous approach, strategic manufacturer partnerships and deployment of technology products, has had a profound impact on MVLA’s security infrastructure.

The Task:
Comprehensive Physical Security Upgrades

MVLA UHSD sought a comprehensive upgrade to their access control system, presenting us with a multifaceted challenge. The objective was to seamlessly integrate products with MVLA’s existing infrastructure to avoid a disruptive overhaul.

Tier 1 Network Engineer, Phillip Lagadon, took lead as Portola delved into this project specifically focusing on Access Control to address the Physical Security needs of the district. Recognizing the unique challenge at hand – integrating existing infrastructure with new electronic components and not just traditional networking.

“We had to simulate the system in our office demo lab and get it working before implementing it in the production environment. As time went by, we noticed that there were some nuances in the system, and we had to involve the vendors in troubleshooting the issues.”

Phillip committed himself to extensive research, training, and vendor support resources to ensure a comprehensive understanding and adeptness in the proper implementation. This proactive approach paved the way for a successful project outcome.

Our Approach & Physical Security Framework:
To craft a resilient security framework for MVLA, Portola Systems incorporated Verkada, Schlage, and Cisco Meraki, leading and managing the project with all 3 manufactures simultaneously.

Verkada’s Access Control was the cornerstone of our strategic approach. The product’s innate capacity for seamless integration and cloud upgrades played a pivotal role, effortlessly blending into the existing infrastructure and simplifying the security upgrade process but also setting the stage for long-term resilience. Schlage, renowned for its expertise in electronic security solutions, bolstered our access control system with robust door hardware, fortifying the overall security posture. While Cisco Meraki’s networking powerhouse ensured a seamless integration of cameras and door sensors.

Transforming Facility Challenges into Secure Solutions:
Where Innovation Meets Peace of Mind

The collaborative effort of the product’s technological ability effectively bolstered MVLA’s school environment, offering unparalleled peace of mind for students, educators, and administrators. MVLA now enjoys heightened security without the need of an entire system overhaul.