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Mobile Device Management: Why Small Devices Can be a Big Threat
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Navigating the risks and benefits of implementing your BYOD policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) used to be limited to company executives asking to have their smart phone plug connected the company network; today BYOD is a revolution driven by employees who live on their mobile devices and want the flexibility to work that way as well. With or without a governing policy personal mobile devices are already functioning within your network and walking in and out of your front door with corporate data. How you manage these users and devices will have an immeditae impact on your security and ability to fend of potential litigation.

Given the myriad of risks, whit is imperative that you begin implementing a BYOD policy immediately. One of the biggest reasons is productivity. Studies have shown that employees are more productive when they are able to communicate with the office from a mobile device. For some this means mobile access to email, for others it may be as involved as access to ERPs and Customer Management systems. Device familiarity and a more flexible work/life balance are additional benefits of BYOD that have been shown to increase productivity.

What do you need to know before going mobile? One of the biggest problems with mobility is what happens when devices leave the network. With cloud storage and applications simplifying access to data, one lost or mishandled mobile device can threaten the security of your network and proprietary data. These and other security considerations will comprise the bulk of any mobile policy and will involve input from the CEO down to the end user so it’s best to bring employees in on the plan early. The best way to get users to embrace the responsibility is to educate them about the risks. With this understanding, policy enforcement will become less of an issue as users will be less likely to look for ways around the policies. Human resources will also need to incorporate new policies to address this new working environment.

If you are considering implementing a BYOD policy, Portola Systems will work with you to develop your policy and find the management solution that best suits your needs.