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Utilizing Technology to Up the Ante on Quality Control
Is quality control really that big a deal to manufacturing companies? In short, yes! Taking time to make sure that your quality is under control, is quite the worthwhile endeavor if you plan on smooth operations, satisfied customers and favorable profit margins. There are typically three areas that require consistent quality monitoring, if you want your company to be successful:

1. Quality Management means –
Keeping your workers well-trained, well-informed and well facilitated.

2. Quality Improvement means –
Keeping track of the functionality of your business procedures, and making sure you’re abreast of industry standards, developments and advances.

3. Quality Control means –
Keeping on track with the highest standards that your products/services must meet, to sustain their quality and value to your customers.

Where quality control is concerned, you must take into consideration the two things that are important to its realization – your employees and your products/services. Positive employee involvement impacts the quality of your products/services, once they feel an emotional connection with their work and engender a sense of responsibility to its success. Under-motivated employees are more than likely going to produce products or deliver services that are subpar. Adequate quality control of your actual products/services, means that you will be in adherence to your own stipulated production expectations, as well as those of your industry in general, and your customers. When your company has thorough & adequate quality control of your products/services, you will be able to offer product warranties with greater confidence and transparency. You will legitimately be able to guarantee the quality of your products, because you have ensured that they were manufactured with the highest level of integrity.

By integrating Portola Systems with your existing operations, or by bringing us into the fold during your start-up operations, you will realize greater productivity and more efficient quality control parameters for your specific utilization. Our processes fit seamlessly with your operations, so there is no downtime and the adoption by your employees is effortless. When your employees sync with efficient quality control systems, they sync organically with the production and development of your products/services. Knowledgeable and facilitated employees produce a higher caliber of product, and you will enjoy more profitable operations all round.

You should always strive to maintain the highest standards of quality control in your business operations. With this information and our services, you will do just that, affordably and efficiently. If you want that for yourself, your employees and your customers – talk to us today!